Month: June 2007

Inexplicable Upheaval from “Faith-Alone Doctrine”

“Faith-Alone Doctrine” unnerves families, sways countries, and rocks continents.

A written confession to “Faith-Alone Doctrine” is expressed in the ending letter of my article, today, Tears for the Beloved Turks.  “Faith-Alone Doctrine” that captures the heart, changes the life.

What is the infinite Fount, cascading behind this entire phenomenon of “Faith-Alone Doctrine”? (more…)

I don’t understand?

Popping in for just a moment.

Having travelled all the way up the I-15 Idaho/Utah corridor and having seen lots of billboards earlier this week, I don’t understand this recent move.

And I was just about ready to see if I could purchase the same billboard for

But maybe the land owners would be more responsive if I plastered these words on the billboard . . . HeartIssuesForPostMormons. 

Samaria, Idaho – Neighborhood Survey 7 on John’s Gospel

springs.jpgFor the first time ever, I visited Samaria, Idaho just off Interstate 15. Long ago, President Lorenzo Snow proclaimed, “This place shall be named Samaria.” (He was thinking about how kind the citizens were to travelers and natives like Chief Pocatello.)


Traveling northward along the Samaria road, I felt like I had been transported back to the days of the early LDS pioneers. It reminded me of the historic LDS community of Chesterfield in Southeastern Idaho. But where Chesterfield is now museum territory, Samaria is alive and real.


Along the base of the Samaria Mountains (Big Canyon Peak at 8,500 ft, is the highest of the seven peaks), I drove through open range. Old corrals, rustic barns, gnarly cottonwoods, abandoned shacks, and junk cars dotted the landscape. My pulse quickened. This is truly – rural Southeastern Idaho at its best.


The Spirit of God in John 4 brought me to Samaria. I am sure of it.


Slowly, I started knocking on doors, passing out John’s Gospel and Romans to the neighbors. (more…)

Beauty and The Beast: A Latter-Day Tale

Candlelight Media Group, Inc. in association with 2B Films presents “Beauty and The Beast: A Latter-Day Tale” (2007).

I watched it.  But I don’t know if I would give it even a one star rating.

I will wait to see how other 2B Films progress.

But if you are interested in an extraordinary “Beauty and the Beast” production, come to Idaho Falls.  It opens tonight in the Civic Auditorium.  The nights are quickly becoming sold-out.  Get your tickets soon.

In this fabulous Southeastern Idaho production, the beautiful Belle is my sister-in-law, Lynda Meissner. (more…)