Month: June 2007

Bible Treasures at BYU-Idaho

If you have been to the Ink & Blood exhibit in Idaho Falls, you also need to visit the Archives Room on the second floor of the McKay Library at BYU-I in Rexburg, Idaho.


The Special Collections and Archives Gallery presents The Scriptorium Collection.


I loved it!


I hope this is accurate.  Excited, I feverishly jotted things down.  Correct me if I am wrong.  But here is a list of items I saw.  I joyfully savored items 2, 7, 8, 9, 13, 26. (more…)

Romney & Brownback on today’s front page

The Post Register in Idaho Falls carries two headlines:

“Romney building a lead”

“Brownback aide’s e-mail questions LDS faith”

Here is an excerpt from the second article:

Emma Nemecek, the southeastern Iowa field director for Brownback’s presidential campaign and a former state representative candidate, violated campaign policy when she forwarded the June 6 e-mail from an interest group raising the questions, the Brownback campaign said Sunday.

The e-mail requested help in fact checking a series of statements about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Among the statements:  “Theologically, the only things Christianity and the LDS church has in common is the name of Jesus Christ, and the LDS Jesus is not the same Jesus of the Christian faith,” and, “The LDS church has never been accepted by the Christian Council of Churches.”

“Sen. Brownback completely disavows himself on this and any personal attacks on religion,” said Brian Hart, a spokesman for the Kansas senator.  Hart said the campaign apologized to Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, once it learned of the e-mail”


An Inaccurate Evangelical View of the Triune God

I am happy for God’s work in poem’s life, but I am not happy how her pastor illustrates God.  How can you connect his explanation of God with the theology of John’s Gospel?  It seems that his modalistic view of God (not desiring to just zero in on him)  is prevalent among evangelical pastors, but I passionately assert that the human illustration does not do justice to the biblical revelation.

John’s Gospel speaks fully of the distinctiveness of the Father, Son, and Spirit. (more…)

Am I accurate on these LDS web categories?

I will be soon placing all these categories with their links in the sidebar of HI4LDS. 

Fundamentalist LDS:  Various sects

Reorganized Church LDS:  Community of Christ

Church LDS:  Official website, Newsroom, Deseret News, LDS Today, Meridian

Scripture focus for LDS:  Feast on the Word

Media LDS:  Michael Otterson

Scholarship LDS: FARMS Research

Apologetics LDS: FAIR, SHIELDS

Doctrinal Exploration among LDS:  Dialogue

Internet LDS: Mormon Archipelago, LDSelect, LDS Blogs, Planet LDS, About,

Sarcastic LDS scourge: SnarkerNackle

Catholic focus on LDS: Defensor Veritatis

Ecumenical evangelical conversation with LDS:  Mormon and Evangelical Conversations, Morehead’s Musings

Cultural LDS:  Sunstone

Post-LDS:  postMormon

Ex-LDS upholding evangelical doctrine:  The Reformed Baptist Thinker

Evangelical counterpoint to LDS:  Mormon Coffee has come to Idaho Falls

Yesterday’s front page of the Post Register carried the picture and news.

The caption under the front page picture says, “We are not anti-Mormon.  It is not our intent to belittle others,”  says Jeff Ricks of, seen in front of one of his organization’s billboards on the north edge of Idaho Falls along U.S. Highway 20 on Tuesday. (more…)