Month: December 2007

JST on John 6 – the Scandal

I have soberly learned by real life experience several things in 2007.

There are three biblical doctrines that make any earnest LDS friend shudder (especially when it is delivered from a Baptist preacher):

1. The Triune God

2. Creation ex nihilo


3. Divine sovereignty in man’s salvation

Moving beyond the general teachings of Christ which almost everyone universally would accept, some narrow and exclusive teachings by Jesus are scandalous to some of his professing disciples.  The stumbling can be so great that many disciples leave the Christ of the Bible, abandoning forever these sound, biblical truths which define God’s nature and work.  Having just finished as a church family, a line upon line study of this thick theological chapter, I related this past Sunday how the unforeseen response by the disciples at the end of John 6 is awful.  It is just plain awful.

But Jesus explains to Jews and disciples one of the reasons for the scandal.  Interwoven with the Bread of Life discourse, Jesus says some jolting truths to them about the Father’s necessary work of drawing people to the Son (John 6: 44, 65).  If God isn’t at work in hearts, people are not going to respond.  Period.

Joseph Smith saw these rough sayings by Jesus and clearly rejected them both.  I assume he concluded that they must have been corruptions to the text.

In the Joseph Smith Translation, he puts in print for all: his disbelief. (more…)

Rexburg Temple Picketers, Part 3

I just read this and this from the LDS newsroom.  Both are interesting articles.

And before I get too much further on this Rexburg temple series,  I want to know about the picketers.  Who are the groups and their sponsors?

I have been hearing some stories on yesterday Lord’s Day that some have not been nice.

Last week, I didn’t see any.  But if I get to Rexburg this week, I want to visit with some of them.

Joel Osteen in your Local Deseret

Wait a minute.  I thought LDS didn’t go for prosperity dreaming, self-esteem coaching, Kent & Barbie profiling, mega of mega churching, evangelical entrepreneurs.

Why in the world is Joel Osteen’s latest book, Become a Better You, featured in the 2008 Winter Catalog of Deseret Book?

The pastor of the biggest “evangelical” church in America showcased?  Deseret encourages this for LDS readership in 2008?  This is whopping irony in starting out the new-year for learning “biblical” sanctification and discipleship.  No sin?  No repentance?

My wife says I should not harass my LDS friends on this issue.  But frankly, I am embarrassed that my friends would be marketed to buy this book. (more…)