Month: February 2008

Berean’s first article of faith – The Bible

In this series of short articles, I would like to post for you one by one the articles of faith in the printed constitution for Berean Baptist Church in Ammon, Idaho.  I invite you all to share your comments.  Hey, this is your great opportunity to ask me all those questions that have been lingering in your mind and bugging you about what the Baptist preacher in your backyard believes.  I am working through with my church family on the clarity of these printed paragraphs in our church constitution.

Are you ready? (more…)

Huckabee’s Apology to LDS?

Is this how Huckabee is to apologize?


What if I offended Bruce?  Seriously.  If I were to be accepted by Bruce, I would have to recant what I believe is essential to Christianity and the Christ.

And by the way, does anybody know if Marty is keeping track of “hate-speech” (an increasingly popular term in America for those pushing tolerance for everything) toward Christians holding to fundamental doctrine in America?  Usually, I hear just crickets in this department (meaning no acknowledgment).

2008 Book of Mormon Reading, #2

I have an 1830 edition.  So in reading Chapter I, it is very apparent that Genesis patriarchal imagery is set within a time period of Zedekiah and Judahs apostasy. 

But there is no mentioning of Jesus or Only Begotten.  So why is Jesus and reference to Him as Only Begotten in the JST of Genesis and not here in the opening chapters of the Book of Mormon?  I would have expected that.  Would anyone like to comment on this?

Chapter II brings out the opposite result of the Garden of Eden – desirable fruit to make one happy.  And interestingly, I have heard the term: “Rod of Iron” Mormons on the “straight and narrow path”.  Is this the description of those who hold fast to the LDS scriptures and do not listen to any “anti-Mormons.”  The dreaded antis seem to be those “mocking and pointing their fingers.”  If a “Rod of Iron” Mormon listens too closely to the message of “Anti”, he or she could “fall away into forbidden paths” and be “lost”?

Is this why some LDS in Idaho Falls say my blog is terrible without ever reading it?  They fear losing their grip on the rod of iron?

Upon careful reading of Chapter III, I have noticed references so far to Genesis, Isaiah, and the apostle John’s writings, perhaps, because this is exactly the three sources that I am studying with my church family.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so. 

I have a question about Jesus’ baptism at Bethabara.  Are all LDS scholars convinced that it is Bethabara rather than Bethany or somewhere unknown as the place of baptism?

Also, these statements stood out to me: (more…)

Mormons don’t do “Bob Jones U.”

Curious.  What is this phrase suppose to mean in these LDS blogs?

Mick over at Uncorrelated coined the sentence on Friday.

The author of “This I believe . . . ” loved the phrase so much he got all happy and highlighted it.

I am not quite catching the beauty of these words. 

Is it because I am the ignoramus in Southeast Idaho?

I know.  Mick gets all mad because the intellectual elite kick him for being Mormon, so he finds the dog to kick . . . Bob Jones University.

His blog post is sort of like that 2008 commercial that I watched at the end of SuperBowl 2008.  Did you guys see it?  The guy at the bottom of the corporation needed someone to get mad at.  Take it out on the dog.

But the dog’s response is the best.  Sometimes dogs are smarter than humans (especially when the two-legged creatures are angry).