If I die unexpectantly . . .

I am telling my wife right now to get these guys to play at my funeral or to be more accurate, my “home-going celebration”.

I would like this group to come to our church building in Ammon, Idaho and play “Amazing Grace”.

This Baptist preacher is dead serious about the matter.


  1. Then they can break out in “Scottland The Brave” as I know many a Piper will do.

    For me have a wake do ya’ll can say goodbye then a quiet graveside, Then Party Hard!!! Bagpipes are cool too. I’d like a lone irish shuttle pipes wailing out some sad lement, then turn up the heat and have a band do reels and jigs.
    All outside until the dawnbreak of the next morning.
    I just know it will never happen this way, so What ever anyone else wants if fine by me, because by that time I’ll be home, again.

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