Month: April 2009

Bumping into Kerry Shirts . . .

Ok, so I bump into Kerry at the convenience store on the east corner of 1st Street where our church building sits. 

The guy is a podcasting machine . . . over 700 videos . . . unbelievable.  I am telling you all — Kerry is making his mark in backyard LDS apologetics history.

So I connect to his blog tonight.  Lo and behold, he is talking about one of the verses that our church family just memorized several weeks ago.

What a great Bible verse!

Prosecution Against False Prophets

We covered Jeremiah 23 tonight in our church Bible study.

There is hardly any prosecution against false prophets and their false prophecies in America, today.

And for the ones that do . . . oh my, they are going to end up as popular as the ancient prophet, Jeremiah.

The holy words of God make Jeremiah stagger like a drunken man.

This week’s family discussion around the dinner table

John 14:28

My Father is greater than I.

This phrase has provoked a very deep, ongoing discussion in the Wood household.  My oldest son, Joshua (13 years old),  initiated the conversation Sunday night after listening to my Bible message in the morning.  And it has continued each day since.

I strongly disagree with Unitarians, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormon friends, etc. on the interpretration of this declaration by the Lord Jesus Christ.  

But let me ask this:  is there more than one LDS interpretation of this statement?

And one other question on the verse – what do you think is the big deal over Jesus’ words, “I go unto the Father”?

How will this new bill (NREPA) affect LDS boy scout camps?

The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act – H.R. 980 that will be introduced on May 5, 2009

I don’t like it.  As vice president of the Red Cliff Bible Camp board in Wyoming, I express resistance . . . the extra fees and permits enforced upon us to take campers into the wilderness.  It just seems to be another message from the government that they don’t trust Idahoans (and those in the other states) to take care of our public lands.

Would this bill affect the current camping operations of the Grand Teton Council in future days?

And I use to believe O. Kendall White Jr. . . .

I was so naive in years past.

Pick up Revisiting Thomas F. O’Dea’s The Mormons Contemporary Perspectives (2008).

Read White’s article, “Thomas F. O’Dea and Mormon Intellectual Life:  A Reassessment Fifty Years Later.”

At one time, White had me fooled about “a [neo-Mormon] shift toward a Calvinist version by grace alone.”

Perhaps that is the greater concern for Mr. O. Kendall White in pausing for heart reflection and meditation.  The Calvinistic Gospel of faith alone by grace alone in Christ alone.

Hasn’t Mr. White in his life moved from Church Mormonism to a Cultural Mormonism exhibiting agnosticism and skepticism?  I don’t know.  Can someone tell me?