Month: October 2010

Spending yesterday at an LDS farm . . .

My youngest boy and I spent a couple of hours yesterday at a LDS farm outside of town.  The volunteers working in this farm and two others maintain around 4200 acres.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donates all the crops from these three farms in the area to those in need.

My son and I had a blast, exploring with a smiling LDS elder one of the massive, computerized spud cellars.  They are incredible.

And thanks to the LDS Church, my boy and I got to collect some choice spuds to fill our paper sacks.

Taylorview Crops (Not for resale):  your homegrown Idaho potatoes are delicious.

The Wild I-15 Corridor

Interstate 15 carries a culture all of its own.

1.  In Idaho Falls this week, you could hear Mitt Romney rallying the Republican bastion.

2.  Down in Salt Lake City this week, you could mingle with a very large crowd protesting against a LDS Apostle.

3.  Heading further down to St. George, you could try connecting together with a ‘lost boy‘ in a coffee shop.

The I-15 Corridor is one of the most unusual hot spots in America.  Deserts.  Mountains.  Snow.  Sunshine.  Patriotism.  Sensationalism.  Capitalism.  And Religion.  All mixed into one pot.  And it is all hard-core.

Believe me.  It is an exciting place to live.

For 40 years, I have loved this home.

Can you even imagine how the next 40 years will unfold?

It is the last culturally conservative stronghold in America.