1. Someone could create a list called “Why I do take Potshots at Fundamentalists” and use 90% of Piper’s list without changing a word. These things are only persuasive if you already value them.

  2. True, TT.

    These are the jokes circling the prestigious tables among biblical scholarship in America’s climate, today.

    There is no way a fundamentalist could even be considered a scholar among the “tolerant” diversified roundtable.

    Is there such a thing as a scholar who seeks the approval of God more than her or his peers? The A.O.G. degree.

    TT, give me 20 biblical reasons why I shouldn’t be concerned about today’s higher-critical biblical scholarship.

  3. I don’t think a lot of those things are true of “fundamentalists.”

    They tend to resist trendiness? Really?

    Ever listen to your local conservative Christian radio station recently? You know, the one were they’ve got the infomercials featuring the latest Christian self-help program, or predatory Christian debt relief agencies, or the latest conservative political fad masquerading as “fundamental Christianity?”

    I’ve listened to enough Christian radio to reach the conclusion that “fundamentalists” (whatever those are) are just as shallow, trendy and faddish as any other segment of the American population. The only difference is that when a fundamentalist follows a fad, they slap a “Jesus” label on it, make a few tenuous scriptural links, and then think they’re superior to all their neighbors because they are being religious.

    Another reason not to take potshots at fundamentalists – they have a hard time noticing what is screwed up about their own faith practices. So much of what you say is likely to sail right over their heads anyway.

  4. But perhaps Todd, you’d like to actually define what a “fundamentalist” is.

    I’m not holding my breath though. No one else has ever managed to define what a fundamentalist is in any satisfactory fashion. I’m not optimistic about your chances either.

  5. First, Seth, mention to me what Christian radio stations you have listened to. The local ones here are the Calvary Satelite Network (CSN) and K-Love, etc.

  6. I can suggest problems within segments of fundamentalism: neglect of Hebrew & Greek study, neglect of church history study, neglect of biblical context, provincial pride and independence, emphasizing personal applications above biblical fundamentals, dwelling on externals more than internals, making superficial judgments and not acknowledging weakness, establishing that which is secondary as absolute, etc. and etc. and etc.

    But I do think fundamentalists (at least those I know) are not easily jumping from one church growth fad or psychological theory to the next. Though we struggle all the time, we sincerely want to follow God’s Word.

    Seth, I think a fundamentalist is one who believes in certain doctrinal fundamentals about God and God’s work, and by God’s grace he would die for them if a gun were put to his head. The fundamentalist conscience is more afraid of offending God than man.

  7. 94.7 FM

    Covers the entire Denver Metro area.

    Sort of an epicenter for Evangelical Christianity. Features stuff from the Denver Theological Seminary, and lots of local ministers of influence in the area. James Dobson lives just south of here in Colorado Springs if I recall correctly.

    Not that you can blame the radio station completely on the fundamentalists of course. I would guess it caters to a wider audience. But it’s overall tone is very, very Christian Right and political fundamentalist.

    As for your definition of fundamentalist – it basically describes anyone who is passionate about what they believe.

    You think a liberal female pastor performing gay marriages doesn’t think she’s got a few “core beliefs about God?”

    I guarantee you, a lot of such people would be unwilling to renounce their beliefs, even at gunpoint. Fundamentalists don’t have a monopoly on martyrdom.

    If it comes to that, your definition of “fundamentalist” actually includes me, since I too believe in “certain fundamentals” about God and would be willing to die for them.

    Your definition is so vague and broad that it is not useful.

  8. Seth, now do you want for me to start listing some biblical fundamentals? I am all about getting more specific, but then “American Christians” start accusing me of splitting hairs.

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