Month: July 2010

Go Figure

A recent quote in The Baptist Voice (July 2010) . . .

The spiritual beliefs of Americans are best described as confused.  When Americans were asked in 2002 if ‘the Bible, the Koran, and the Book of Mormon are all different expressions of the same spiritual truths,’ 44% of adults said yes.  Yet when the same research group in 2008 asked Americans to identify which books were sacred, the results were far different.  Of those surveyed, 84% said the Bible is a holy book, while the Koran and the Book of Mormon were called sacred by less than 5% of the population.

*Barna Group. “Americans Draw Theological Beliefs From Diverse Points of View”. October 8, 2002

*Barna Group.  “American’s Identify What They Consider ‘Holy’ Books.”  July 7, 2008.

The LDS presence along the I-15 Corridor

My family just got back from a vacation trip to Canada.  My sister and brother-in-law live in a beautiful mountain hamlet named Exshaw, very near Canmore in Alberta.

LDS church meeting houses  are visible all along the Interstate 15 Corridor.  You see this in Utah and Idaho.  And when you first enter the Canadian province of Alberta, one of the first churches that you see is an LDS meeting house.

But Montana is a gap.  I can’t remember seeing any visible LDS cultural presence.

That is interesting.

(By the way, it is good to be back home.  Southeastern Idaho is my earthly abode – a choice place for gospel advancement.)