Idaho Falls Christian Churches & all Religion Links

A Bird’s Eye Religious Snapshot of Idaho Falls

140 Years of Jesus in Idaho Falls (1882 – 2022)

Idaho Falls Look Up Tour 2023


  1. Berean Baptist Church (facebook)
  2. Calvary Baptist Church (facebookSouthern Baptist Convention, 1st SBC in Idaho)
  3. Christ Convergence Recovery Church
  4. Christ Community Church (facebook)
  5. Church of Christ (international Churches of Christ)
  6. Church on the Ranch
  7. Cornerstone Pentecostal Church (facebook)
  8. Community Church of God in Christ (facebook, international COGIC)
  9. CrossPoint Community Church (facebook, international Church of the Nazarene)
  10. Eagle Rock Baptist Church (North American Baptist)
  11. Eagle Rock Vineyard Church (facebook)
  12. Emmaus Road Church (facebook)
  13. Falls Baptist Church (facebook)
  14. First Christian Church (facebook, international Disciples of Christ)
  15. First Evangelical Lutheran Church (facebook)
  16. First Presbyterian Church (facebook)
  17. Fuente de Restauracion, (facebook) Restoring Fountain Fellowship, Cliff & 170 Park Avenue, Oscar Perdomo, 323-283-5781.
  18. Gethsemane Baptist Church (facebook)
  19. Hope Lutheran Church (school facebook,  Lutheran-Missouri Synod)
  20. Idaho Falls Messianic Fellowship
  21. Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús, 1763 N Yellowstone, Pastor Cesar David Silva
  22. Iglesia Bautista Calvario
  23. Iglesia Centro Evangelistico (facebook)
  24. Iglesia Cristo Jesus, Pedro Damian, 403-7530
  25. Immanuel Celebration Church (facebook)
  26. Liberty Missionary Baptist Church
  27. Lighthouse Apostolic Church (facebook)
  28. Mario Hernandez’ fellowship (360-8074) (Mobile Home Estates)
  29. MorningStar Christian Fellowship at MorningStar Senior Living
  30. Mountainview Christian Center & Pastor Chris Paolini’s webpage (facebook, international UPCI)
  31. New Day Lutheran (facebook, ELCA)
  32. New Geneva Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC)
  33. New Hope Apostolic Pentecostal Church (UPCI)
  34. New Hope Temple (COGIC, facebook)
  35. New Life Family Worship Center (facebook)
  36. OutWest Bible Church
  37. Potter’s House
  38. Providence Downtown Church (facebook)
  39. Reach Church (facebook)
  40. Rios De Vida (Senior Pastor Gilbert Betancourt; Co-Pastor Norma Betancourt; contact
  41. Rise Church (facebook, international Foursquare)
  42. River of Life – A church of the Alliance (facebook, international Christian & Missionary Alliance)
  43. River Valley Apostolic House of Worship (facebook
  44. Salvation Army (facebook, international Salvation Army)
  45. Seventh Day Adventist Church (international Adventist)
  46. St. John Lutheran Church (facebook, Lutheran Missouri-Synod)
  47. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (facebook)
  48. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church (facebook)
  49. The Bridge Church (facebook)
  50. The Gathering (facebook)
  51. UR His Church (facebook)
  52. Trinity United Methodist Church (facebook)
  53. Victory Assembly of God (facebook)
  54. Watersprings Church (facebook, international Calvary Chapel)

Idaho Falls Catholic Community 

  1. Christ the King
  2. Holy Rosary

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • The Idaho Falls Temple
  • 10 Idaho Falls Stakes (78 wards, 10 branches)
  • 2 Ammon Stakes (17 wards, 1 branch)
  • Iona Stake (10 wards, 1 branch)
  • Ucon Stake (8 wards)

Other religious groups

  1. Baha’i
  2. Eckankar
  3. Jehovah’s Witnesses
  4. Unitarian Universalist

Religious Education





  1. Suggest you add the following Hispanic churches:
    Iglesia Fuente de Restauracion Marantha, Maranatha Restoration Center, Cliff & (170) Park, Oscar
    Perdomo, 323-283-5781.
    Mario Hernandez’ fellowship (360-8074) (Mobile Home Estates)
    Iglesia Cristo Jesus, Pedro Damian, 403-7530
    Casa de Oracion, Carlos Cajiga 200-3950
    River Valley Apostolic House of Worship, 260 Gladstone Street, 83401 (208)
    524-7120 Paul Resendez
    Calvary Baptist Hisp.
    Gethsemane Baptist Hisp.
    Seventh Day Adventist Hisp.
    Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús 1763 N Yellowstone Pastor Cesar David Silva

    Others include:
    Idaho Falls Messianic Fellowship Jennifer Neermann 569-2521
    Potter’s House

  2. A suggested post to your listings:
    Living Waters Healing Ministry, Inc. & Healing Rooms of Idaho Falls. (501(c)3 Non Profit). *Further information may be found on Facebook.

  3. Hello Todd, I don’t think you know me but my husband, Rick Lunsford, pastored Family Bible Church in Idaho Falls from 1981 to 1999. Then he was called to help lead Israel Prayer tours with Embrace Israel, with Reuven Doron, an Israeli Messianic Jew. This ministry was based out of River of Life Church, Pastored by Francis Frangipane, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    God used Family Bible Church in Idaho Falls mightily in the areas of Church Unity, Missions and Prayer. Below I’ll copy a message I sent to Charles Barnes, of whom I now know is not a part of Messenger.

    Dear Charles,

    I’m more than a little surprised that Family Bible Church (1981 – 1999) is not mentioned in this book. Rick and the Church did many citywide events that changed the whole Spiritual atmosphere in the Heavenlies in Idaho Falls. Starting with the Maranatha Cafe, we were able to minister to and feed many street people downtown, along with the soup kitchen that fed many homeless.

    Getting the Pastors together for prayer weekly throughout the years and also for many years the Easter Sunrise Service helped the Church in Idaho Falls start coming together in unity. We also, along with Jim Spencer and Shilo Foursquare, did Prayer-walks, the most successful one (seemingly) to be the Walk around the LDS Temple 7 Times. God used this to pave the way of a start of ministering to the Mormans, Right after this we were kicked out of the theatre we met in (where we also had a Citywide Youth ministry “The Refuge”) in which “Spiritual Warfare” and YWAM (Youth with a Mission) were introduced into the collective Church of Idaho Falls. This led to numerous youth from many Churches doing Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and many are still on the mission field now and/or are leaders in their spiritual realm at this time.

    We then started meeting in Jim Spencer’s building showing obvious unity in the Church. God showed us to organize a meeting between the Pastors and Leaders in the LDS Church. If you remember we gathered on the Courthouse steps (and lawn) on National Day of Prayer) and repented to one another for how we treated each other. Over 100 (mostly Christians but a good show of LDS) showed up and it was written up on the front page of the Post Register.

    Do you remember CPR? Concerted Promotions for Revival brought many Christian Speakers and Christian musical groups into town at the Civic Auditorium. This ministry entailed a lot of work but was worth the unity further developed in the City. Mylon and Broken Heart came a few times along with Frank Perriti (sp), Rick Cua (sp) and Morgan Cryer, the Imperials, DeGarmo & Key, Mike Warnke, Great Mercy and Friends, David and the Giants, and others (older groups now, but very popular at that time). Many were saved at these events as the Gospel went forth with power and preaching of the Word. Usually we had 1000 to 2000 in attendance from both the Christian and Mormon communities.

    Our heart was for Prayer, Missions and Unity of the Church.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call at 319 431-3261. Blessings to you and your new book!

    Cheryl Lunsford
    3000 Towne House DR NE
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

  4. Thank you so much, Cheryl, for this window into Idaho Falls ministry. We enjoy to hear all the stories of the past. Though I grew up in Idaho Falls and have lived here most of my life, I am learning continually of God’s exploits that have taken place historically in this city. By the way, I remember going to school with Shane Lunsford in the early days.

  5. Wow, there is a connection there. Shane went to Gethsemene Christian Scool, we pulled him out of there pretty quickly due to some “disunity” between the two Churches and he then attended Bonneville High and married his best friend from there, Bonnie Rice. They’re doing great. Were on staff with YWAM Montana for almost 15 years and now are with us here in Iowa. We raised 5 kids in Idaho and not one got involved with a Mormon. They all followed us to Iowa. Praise God! But I have to say that I still miss Idaho Falls.

  6. Wow, there is a connection there. Shane went to Gethsemane Christian School but we pulled him out pretty quick due to some “disunity” between the two Churches, then went to Bonneville and met his wife, Bonnie Rice. They were on staff with YWAM Montana for about 15 years. Then they followed usmout to Iowa. We raised five kids in Idaho Falls and not one got caught up with a Mormon. They’re all out here in Iowa with us although I have to admit I miss Idaho Falls.

  7. Cheryl,

    The book as well as this website is a work in progress. One of the first people we interviewed was Lori, and primarily talked to her about FBC. Thanks for filling in more information in your note, before my time in IF. Todd and I are trying to capture stories of how Jesus has worked in Idaho Falls, with the focus on Him rather than any person or group. We have a lot of notes, files, and drafts in various stages. We’ve posted some parts and pieces but want to add a lot more, and will likely revise what we have.

  8. Charles, Jesus did all of this. He just used us as his hands. The Church was nothing and did nothing without instruction from Jesus. How would we come up with all this on our own? I’m glad you talked to Lori but she wasn’t there from the very beginning. Jesus sent us to IF from California. We knew no Christians there. We started the Church in our basement. How could we have done any of it without JESUS?

    I am not trying to glorify anyone or any Church. To God be the glory! He did do some pretty exciting things.

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