Who is the author of this blog?

My name is Todd Wood. Actually, the full ancestral name is Elon Todd Wood. Different, huh. You definitely deserve bonus points, if you discover the Semitic meaning of my name, which can be traced back, well over 200 years through my genealogy. When you post, you can call me Elon, Todd (to differentiate from my father, grandfather, etc.), or E.T. You will find that much of what I post in the days, weeks, and months ahead to be quite extra-terrestrial. And believe me, Steven Spielberg has never gotten so deep into celestial matters.

My mother gave birth to me in an LDS hospital along the glorious banks of the Snake River. Hence, I grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho and graduated from Skyline High School (1988). Upon graduation, many of my good friends went off to Ricks College or BYU. I was radical. A complete enigma in school. Change the “Y” to “J”. Yep. I traversed America over to BJU in Greenville, S.C. If you face college dress and lifestyle codes, feel like you are living in a religious bubble, or stick out like a neon sign because of your alma mater, I empathize. I loved my college experience. No, I lie. Almost everything. I didn’t like all the rules; but you know the old adage, “Good rules build great character.”

I acquired three degrees while in the deep, deep south: a B.A. in Christian Missions, an M.A. in Theology, and then a Master of Divinity degree. The only interruption was between my B.A. and M.A. I married the most beautiful girl living in Idaho, my Southeastern high school sweetheart, Kristie. She received her B.S. in Nursing from Boise State University. And undoubtedly, at the smurf turf, Broncos rule. And for a point of connection with the ladies, my wife is an avid scrapbooker. Just loves it.

Currently, I share pastoral ministry at Providence Downtown Church (Idaho Falls), Shepherd of the Falls Lutheran Church (American Falls), Seasoned by Grace Fellowship (Pocatello), and the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission. And I immensely enjoy it. Do you remember the hit movie, “Baptists At Our Barbecue,” based on the humorous novel? Well, I have stopped counting the number of barbecues that I have enjoyed with LDS people through all my years of living in Southeastern Idaho.

What is my Christian orientation? I am utterly passionate about truths laid out in the Bible. Though my mind often feels puny in grappling with great theological issues, you will quickly discover my heart given over to the fundamentals within that book.

I encourage you to connect with me some time here in Idaho Falls.

So this is all a little introduction to myself.

What are the purposes of this blog?

  1. Deposit of ideas for a new book, Jesus in Idaho Falls
  2. Musings on Bible reading and prayer
  3. Local church announcements
  4. Interaction with LDS culture


  1. Todd,

    I wanted to get back to you about a question you asked on our blog. You asked:

    “Artemis, does Scott discuss with evangelicals? I didn’t know he was the president. Does F.A.I.R. provide any venue for open, public discussion? Thanks.”

    I emailed Scott and he said:

    “We did have a message board, but have just divested ourselves of it. We decided to try to put our energies in new directions. I would be happy to respond to any questions anyone might have.”

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. In a world of contention between faiths and people of faith, it’s refreshing to know you follow the example of our meek Master, Jesus Christ.

    You’re welcome to my blog anytime.

    James Hofheins

  3. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog, and I’m happier to have discovered yours! I hope you don’t mind if I link you.

    God Bless,


  4. What a great blog! I’m out of the LDS church myself after I came to Christ 4 1/2 years ago. I started attending a Conservative Mennonite church where I found the true Word of God taught and left the LDS church. It was not a pretty situation at all, complete with harrassment and severe problems with local LDS leaders. But I don’t regret it for a minute. God is so good, kind and faithful to me. A friend recommended this and I’m so glad she did!

    Thanks for all the info!

    In Christ’s Love,

    Sonja in Idaho
    (southwest to be specific – about an hour out of Boise)

  5. Todd, I finally get to leave a comment on this site! I’ve read many of your comments and have followed this site but have been unable to do anything here since BJ blocks all blogs. I’m in IF right now visiting my parents and tomorrow (Dec 28) I will be with Ron Ehmann in Salt Lake City for a church planting survey trip! Finally, the Lord has allowed me to do what I have longed to do for a long time. I’d love to email you with some questions but I haven’t been able to find your email on this site. I wanted to stop by the church but I noticed you weren’t there when I drove by in the parking lot. Feel free to email me, I think you got my email in my information I had to leave on this site to post a comment. I’d love to chat with someone who is serving the Lord in the same environment the Lord has led me.

    Great blog, this is a valuable site that no doubt the Lord can use for his glory.

    P.S.-My Dad still wants to challenge you to a hike. He hasn’t forgotten.

  6. Todd, great blog! I really appreciate all the positive things you have to say about the LDS Church. You truly do have the love of Christ within you. 🙂 What a great friend you are.

  7. Todd, I’m honoured that you’d include a link to my blog in one of your posts — thank you! 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and learning more about you; you’re welcome on my blog any time…

    kind rgds,

  8. E.T. (I couldn’t resist),

    I don’t come to your blog very often, but I do read your post when I use “tag surfer”. I am always impressed with your thoughtful comments and attempts of outreach to LDS members. Thank you for sharing the gospel of Christ in a kind and loving way with those you may disagree with. If my family and I ever get out to Idaho Falls again (I attended Ricks) , we’ll stop in to hear you preach.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving your gracious comment. I followed a link this morning to an LDS blog (they always catch my eye). I read the post & then the comments, noticing what seemed to be a comment by a preacher named Todd. Thought nothing of it, logged into my own blog & there was the same preacher leaving a comment on my blog. I just thought it was neat.
    I plan on visiting your blog often & linking you to our other blog, “Reaching Mormons”.

  10. Had to say hello. I was googling Dr. E. Panosian and found your blog on the way. He was fantastic and I wish I had taken more courses from him.

  11. My name is Todd Wood. Actually, the full ancestral name is Elon Todd Wood. Different, huh. You definitely deserve bonus points, if you discover the Semitic meaning of my name, which can be traced back, well over 200 years through my genealogy.

    I could answer your question, but I don’t want to give it away.

    When I was 24 I studied Talmud in Vancouver BC. It is the nature of Jews that they have to give everyone a Hebrew name — even Mormons who read with them. I got the same one. (Yishmael Elan)

  12. Hey Todd

    You really ought to have a “contact me” button here somewhere.

    I’ve moved to Twin Falls. Any church recommendations?

  13. Tate:

    Not speakin’ for Todd, but check out:

    St Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Christian Church
    1830 Addison Ave., E.
    Twin Falls, ID 83301

    (208) 734-3664 Phone


    Monday – Friday
    Matins (Morning Prayer) 7:00AM
    Vespers (Evening Prayer) 5:00PM

    Great Vespers 5:00PM

    Matins 8:30AM
    Divine Liturgy (Eucharist) 10:00AM

    Website is

  14. FrGregg
    Thanks for the recommendation. I did see that church’s website and it does look intriguing. I’ve always wanted to visit an orthodox church. And who knows, I might like it.

    You are not the first to recommend GBC. I’m told it’s similar to the church I attended in Pocatello.

    What was suggestion #2?

    Thanks guys.

  15. Sorry, having a proverbial blonde moment.
    I read your post as the blog being that of someone from GBC, not EBC… Gotcha 😉


  16. Todd:
    I am an old friend of your in laws (Gary and Sharon). I used to work with Gary and visited Sharon back in 1999-2004.
    Could I have a contact number for them?

  17. Todd, I think I have a comment awaiting moderation on the KJV thread. Probably because it has links in it. Thanks.

  18. Todd, You need to add some “Share” buttons for Twitter and Facebook to your posts. It would be helpful to those of us who would occasionally like to publicize your comments and research through our own networks!

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