Church Events

January 10-16: A Week of Prayer and Fasting –

January 29: An Evening with Jason Gray – 7:00 pm, Watersprings Church;

Watersprings Thrift Store – 30% off every Thursday, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

OFCR Camp Director – OFCR is currently looking a new Camp Director. They are also looking for winter volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Steve Nelson, or see

The Insanity of God – free viewing of The Insanity of God movie, a story of faith and persecution;, watch trailer at

New Destiny Ministry Hub, 830 Park Avenue:

    • Sunday, 1:00 pm Eagle Rock Vineyard Church service
    • Sunday, 4:00 pm, Providence Church service
    • Sunday, 7:00 pm, Steps to Joy Community Church service
    • Monday, 7:00 pm, Celebrate Recovery Step Study
    • Tuesdays, 7:00 am, Men’s Bible Study
    • Tuesdays, noon to 1:00 pm, Prayer for our city, nation and world
    • Wednesday, 7:00 pm, Providence Church worship
    • Thursday, 7:00 pm, AA Real Recovery
    • Friday, 7:00 pm, Recovery Bible Study Steps to Joy, led by Michael Mercede
    • Saturday, 7:00 pm, Celebrate Recovery Bible Study        

Informational websites on COVID-19:


  1. Suggest you list the National Day of Prayer even though no one has yet committed to hosting an event for it. That may serve to stimulate some into action.

  2. Date of First Christian Church listing is confusing. Is it on Thursday the 13th or on Friday the 14th?

  3. My mistake – that entry should have been – Thursday, April 13: The Savior’s Story in Mime – First Christian Church, 12th & Woodruff, 7:00 pm.

  4. I believe the Christian Servants luncheon at the City of Refuge has been canceled for July 5.

  5. Suggest you mention that 31 October 2017 is Reformation Day, the 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting his 95 theses on the Wittenberg church door, sparking a challenge to church abuses and the start of the Reformation.

  6. Suggest you list the National Day of Prayer for May 2018, even though no one has yet committed to hosting an event for it. That may serve to stimulate some into action. You might also list St. John Lutheran’s Ash Wednesday service tonight at 7pm. February 24th will be the Eastern Idaho Body of Christ Worship Night, hosted by New Destiny at 320 B St., beginning at 5pm, probably lasting until about 10pm. Worship teams from various churches; still time to sign up. On the evening of March 24 various churches will join together to celebrate the 5th anniversary of New Destiny Church, organized by Tim Rupp of River of Life Church.

  7. Vision 2020 is set for July 20, 2020 at Sandy Downs and is being planned through James Runcorn at Crosspoint Community Church. Set the date!!

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