LDS blogspotting

As usual at “Mormon Inquiry”, Dave highlights relevant topics for the current thinker.  The stinker.  🙂  This time he beat me to the discussion.

Today, I read “Connor’s Conundrums“; and I must say, if I see anyone making a buffoonery of Christianity by waving undergarments or bellowing Scripture-out-of-context during the dedication time of the Rexburg temple, I will not keep my mouth shut.  Maybe, I will take them behind some woodshed and paddle their butts.

Geoff at “The Millennial Star” stokes the fire for any evangelical/Mormon dialogue, highlighting the discussion on abortion, stem cell research, and evolution.  Are the good Idaho LDS politicians just more conservative than those central to the Beehive? (And if anyone is curious.  Ask my church family if I rock the boat each week with “politically tinged sermons.”)

With my study on millennial eschatology, fellow Idahoan Rob Osborn in Blackfoot has been asking his own questions with the the post Millennium Mysteries on his blog, “Rock of Salvation.”  (Sidenote-how come I can’t find him on Mormon Archipelago?)

For the first time, Eric, on the the “Blogger of Jared” introduces me to a Viviparous Child of God.

Oh, and I almost forgot one of the most fascinating blog entries for the corridor to read . . . LXX Luthor over at “Faith-Promoting Rumor” is off to a running start with To Predestinate or Not To Predestinate, Pt.1.

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