JST on John 4

Just an excerpt from the Joseph Smith Translation on John 4.

John 4:1-4

When therefore the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John, They sought more diligently some means that they might put him to death; for many received John as a prophet, but they believed not on Jesus.  Now the Lord knew this, though Jesus he himself baptized not but so many as his disciples; For he suffered them for an example, preferring one another.

John 4:26

For unto such hath God is a promised his Spirit.  And they that who worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth.

First, are these corrections by Joseph Smith through personal revelation, etched in fire?

Secondly, am I as a biblical preacher and theological minority in Idaho Falls to be labeled a Pharisee straining at gnats for getting upset over the corrective editing and projected emphasis such as this?


  1. Yes, we believe they are corrections through personal revelation coupled with his studies of the Hebrew, Latin, and German Bibles.

    I would not label you a Pharisee “for getting upset over the corrective editing and projected emphasis such as this,” If you do not believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, how could you be expected to believe his translation of the Bible?

    By the way, I really like you site. You generally seem to be critically fair towards the LDS Church. You don’t seem to get involved in the emotional vitriol that some do. By the way, I went to college in Rexburg and have spent a lot of time in IF. A beautiful place.

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