Blake Ostler – 2 minutes ago

The heart is what it is all about!

This is why this website is called “Heart Issues”.  Blake is describing in full color the full Hebrew perspective of the heart.

Please get Blake’s manuscript from this 2007 FAIR conference.

More later.


  1. I understand Blake Ostler will make the same presentation at Sunstone this upcoming week.

    Sadly for me, I’ll miss both presentations.

    Will there be a link to Blake’s presentation coming soon? I’ll check back for your “more later.”

  2. Hi Johnna. Welcome.

    Let me quickly give you my choppy, unedited, Todd Wood simplified, paraphrased notes of what he said. Probably, most of my notes are not exactly what he meant. But at least it will give you a gist to further whet your appetite to read his full manuscript when it is available. At least what I offer here is a better attempt and display of respect to Blake than those I saw sleeping in the audience. Blake or others are welcome to pop on here and correct any unintentional misrepresentations.


    The last thing we would do is send out a bunch of 19-year olds to the world if persuasion was based on knowledge.

    Like the disciples, we must tell people, “Simply come and see. Don’t just use one’s eyeballs. Come and see. Use every faculty.”
    The human heart in the fullest Hebrew sense involves both mind and emotions. All the functions.

    What is most basic to LDS? the individual experiences in the Spirit

    [Blake flashed a picture up on the screen] What is it that you see? [a sunset] What is it that you don’t see? You don’t see the lens.
    Our spiritual experiences are the lens so that we can see.

    Religious experiences are by nature personal. The heart acts as a microcosm of the temple altar.
    At 14 years of age, I watched a movie, Brigham Young, acted out by Dean Jagger. After this, I asked my mother, “Mom, where can I read about Brigham Young?” She answered, “I don’t know, how about Doctrine and Covenants.” [laughter in the audience]

    I started reading and asking. Is this true? On the third day, I realized my life is not in accordance with what I am reading. So I got on my knees and prayed, “I am really stupid, would you forgive me?” That day the soap cleaned me from the inside out.

    As I continued to read, my heart was burning within me.

    One day at school, a girl sat by me. She was a senior, and I was a sophomore. I told her, “I know this might seem strange, but I have a message from our heavenly Father that you need to stop stinking about suicide.”

    I didn’t know this but she had a whole bottle of pills at home ready to be consumed. She told me later, “You have literally saved my life.” Today, she is a mother and doing well.

    We are not just offering truth. We are offering a relationship. The heart is both cognitive and affective, the very center of the human soul. There are emotions but also pure knowledge and enlightenment.

    I have always known this. It involves interpersonal.

    Life eternal is to know the true God and Jesus. It does not mean to just know about God. The Greek verb, Ginosko, is experiential, interpersonal knowledge.
    To know God.

    It doesn’t discriminate based on intellect.

    Alma 32:28

    How do we plant the seed? Search the Scriptures. All they had to do was look. But they refused to look at the invitation themselves.

    In regards to interpretation, Blake showed the rabbit/duck picture on the screen.
    Rabbit or duck? – we are choosing to see different things because of our predisposed interpretation

    The perspective of naturalism
    The matrix problem – extreme naturalism
    Brains in a vat – we could not know with absolute certainty
    Yet no one believes you are just a brain in a vat.

    The insane epistological claims

    Pragmatically meaningful knowledge – to trust our experience is what really makes sense.

    The perspective of pluralism
    A challenging argument – pluralism. The answer is not pluralism or exclusivism.
    But if we adopt religious inclusivism, we minimize any challenges by pluralism.
    God will adapt his message to any culture.

    The danger of truth claims – this does not make us morally superior.
    We could be wrong.
    I haven’t seen a “thus saith the lord for a long time” among the authorities, but just look at all the personal revelation.

    <b.The perspective of secular materialism
    They say that relying on spiritual experiences is simply irrational.

    Deut. 30 – circumcision – a soft heart open to God.

    The heart is where thinking occurs. The Hebrews were in touch with something that is lost in our culture. The heart is the center and seed of spiritual life. The heart is what it is all about. We can’t fool God in our hearts.

    The perspective of evangelicals
    I am just going to blow off the evangelicals at this point [ran out of time], so I will open it up for questions.

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