FAIR Conference 2007, Seely and Hamblin

William Hamblin and David Seely, authors of the new book, Solomon’s Temple, definitely win the award for the greatest and most beautiful variety of power point slides in their session, Solomon’s Temple:  Myth and History.

And for me as an evangelical Christian, Hamblin provides one of my favorite quotes on this topic.

For Christ is Priest, and Sacrifice and Altar and all – John Bunyan

I see no need to attend the Idaho Falls temple when I have Christ.  He is the meeting place between heaven and earth, God and man.


  1. Todd, I appreciate so much that even though you do not believe LDS Temple ordinances are inspired of God you do not make light of the through parody or by discussing their details. This speaks well of you and underscores your sincerity. That said, you seriously misunderstand the purpose of the Temple in LDS theology and practice if you think Mormons put the Temple in place of Christ. Because you do not accept Temple worship to be of God, it is reasonable that you find no use for the Temple. However, please recognize that mormons not only believe this work to be commanded of God, but also find in Temple instruction and ordinances some of the most sublime expressions of God’s mercy and magnifying power, or, in other words, His grace, that exist this side of eternity. Far from replacing Christ, the Temple teaches mormons that nothing can be gained separate from Him.

  2. Todd, I think I need to get you some materials form not only Nibley, but John Lundquist also on the temple typology and its meaning. The temple doesn’t replace Christ at all, but, even according to Margaret Barker was THE place for atonement in ancient Israel, and it was not done away with by Christ during his day, nor even stopped even after His eternal sacrifice on that terrible cross. It is a remarkable study to learn about what the temples mean and do and say.

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