Three LDS Authors

This week, my family is headed to the Oregon Coast for a Wood reunion.  It is time for some reading on the beach.  My eyes are set on getting to know the works of three LDS authors while playing in the sand for a few days.

First, what is up with Stephenie Meyer?  This past week, an article in USA Today, shared with me how her latest teenage book, Eclipse (2007), is blowing away the seventh book of the Harry Potter series.  For a little background, I checked an early discussion she had on the Motley Vision blog (in an earlier blog format).  And this past week, Paradox over at Enduring to the End speaks of Eternity when thinking of Meyer’s books. 

Stephenie has caught my attention.  Barnes & Noble in Idaho Falls is all over her.  The first table after the front entrance is stacked with her books.  Would there be any other good links on her writings?

Secondly, today’s full front page (section F) of the Post Register highlights BYU-Idaho president (former dean of Harvard School of Business), Kim B. Clark, and his new book, Armor: Divine Protection in a Darkening World.  I remember seeing this book a couple of weeks ago in Deseret Book.  Now, I need to buy it.  And who is complaining out there now that the local media is not good to LDS authors? 🙂  Wait till I write a book . . . I don’t know if the Post will treat me with such kindness.

Thirdly, during a lazy yesterday afternoon, I did buy Craig Harline’s book, Sunday (Doubleday, 2007).  There is one thing that I love about living in Idaho Falls.  Businesses do close down for the day on Sunday.  On the West side of town, I can at times actually hear hymns coming from the bell tower in a section of the new ritzy Taylor’s Crossing development, a half mile from my house.  Of course, a topic like this can touch on our favorite Sunday enjoyments – FOOTBALL.  So last month, the Salt Lake Tribune had to explore the tension between sports and Christian Sabbath teaching.

In the future on HI4LDS, look for some book reviews on these interesting authors. 

And out of curiosity, have you read much from any of them?  And did you like what you read?

Have a good Lord’s Day afternoon.


  1. OK I made it here in a round about way. Actually from Kerry Shirts site where he repped your site. All I can say now is “Great a new series to read.”

    I’ve enjoyed the posts and will probably be back.

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