Through baptism all your sins are forgiven!

Weeks ago, I watched the LDS chick flick, “anxiously engaged, A Piccadilly Romance.”  My wife and I have been to London, England.  So I was curious.

The one topic presently prominent in my thoughts is the pop LDS doctrine on baptism, especially after the comment the main character, Carson, excitedly exclaims to a humorous messed-up dude in a jail cell.

The LDS blog, ‘By Common Consent’, explores the topic of baptism, unrelated to the film but pertinent to my questions.  

Today, Eric over at ‘A Motley Vision’, provides for me, a Mormon Cinema critic, his own in-depth analysis of the movie.  I appreciate the info.  I had no idea of the LDS connection in the title of the film.  In the future, I will be looking for more of Eric’s reviews and encouraging LDS to do the same.

But I am still confused about pop LDS doctrine on baptism . . .


  1. As far as I understand, any sins you’ve committed up to that point, you are forgiven of, yes. And any sins you committ after that point you are held responsible for – meaning it’s your responsibility to go through the repentence/forgiveness process. Then there is the addition of Confirmation and the Holy Ghost also…….

  2. Yes, the baptismal ordinance itself is popularly seen as a literal forgiveness of sins and reconciliation to God. This ordinance is “renewed” each week by taking the sacarmental emblems at Sunday services.

  3. I would say that baptism is a no more the source of forgiveness than the bread and water is literally the body and blood of Christ. Both are symbois, and the ordinances have meaning because they are commanded of God and through them we demonstrate our desire to obey – and indeed are able to obey perfectly within the form. Without a broken heart, a contrite spirit, and faith itself, the form is utterly meaningless. With such, it is beautiful and powerful, even unto salvation, for the ordinances mark the gateway to a full(er) relationship with Christ, which is (or leads to, depending on your perspective,) salvation.

  4. I agree with Mahana. Most LDS literature indicates that it is not the actual baptism that brings a remittance of sin, but the atonement of Christ. Along with a broken heart and a contrite spirit must come change of past behavior and obedience to the laws of God in the future. The remission of sin is conditional, it is based upon the person being baptized following through on their promise to live according to God’s commandments. After these things have happened comes the “baptism by fire with the Holy Ghost” that indicates that one has received a remission of their sins.

    I’m not sure what would be considered “pop” LDS doctrine…

  5. the “gateway” . . . “obedience to the laws of God in the future” . . . “baptism by fire with the Holy Ghost” . . . so when a previous Mormon gets baptized in an evangelical church, this is a huge thing. All of his or her family members and pretty much 80% of the neighborhood think that the individual is closing the door to a fuller salvation.

    Do LDS consider water baptism as the symbol of a union with Christ? And if Jesus “baptizeth with the Holy Ghost” (John 1:33), why does this come later after a water baptism?

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