Joel Osteen in your Local Deseret

Wait a minute.  I thought LDS didn’t go for prosperity dreaming, self-esteem coaching, Kent & Barbie profiling, mega of mega churching, evangelical entrepreneurs.

Why in the world is Joel Osteen’s latest book, Become a Better You, featured in the 2008 Winter Catalog of Deseret Book?

The pastor of the biggest “evangelical” church in America showcased?  Deseret encourages this for LDS readership in 2008?  This is whopping irony in starting out the new-year for learning “biblical” sanctification and discipleship.  No sin?  No repentance?

My wife says I should not harass my LDS friends on this issue.  But frankly, I am embarrassed that my friends would be marketed to buy this book.

Listen.  Let me save you the money.  I will buy the book from Deseret and post a critical book review on HI4LDS. 

Will you promise me to read my book review before you get the book?



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