Is LDS Deseret Admiring America’s New Apostle: Joel Osteen

With much more national and worldwide religious influence than any LDS apostle, young and vibrant Joel says it more clearly, loudly, and passionately for the new-year 2008:

Our external appearance is irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what your ethnic background is.  It doesn’t matter how many weaknesses or flaws you have.  You have the DNA of Almighty God.  You come from a long line of champions.

Consider this:  Your Heavenly Father spoke the galaxies into existence.  Your elder brother defeated the enemy.  Think about some of your natural ancestors:

Moses parted the Red Sea.  There’s great faith in your bloodline.

David, a shepherd body, defeated Goliath with only a few pebbles he picked up from a brook.  That is courage in your bloodline. 

Samson toppled a building.  There’s supernatural strength in your bloodline.

Daniel spent an entire night in a lion’s den and wasn’t harmed.  Divine protection flows through your bloodline.

Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem when all the odds were against him.  Determination and persistence pulsate through your bloodline.

Queen Esther put her life on the line to save God’s people.  Sacrifice and heroism are in your bloodline.

Do you understand?  You come from a bloodline of champions.  You are not ordinary; you are a thoroughbred.  It doesn’t matter what your present condition looks like; you need to know that inside you flows the blood of a winner.  On the inside of you are seeds of greatness.  Take a better look at your bloodline.  On the inside of you is champion after champion.  You are the seed of Almighty God (34).

– Become a Better You (NY:  Free Press, 2007)

Do you remember when Vern Swanson was writing about the holy bloodline?  Someone ought to send him a personally autographed copy of Osteen’s book.  Because with his candor and passion, Joel Osteen is impacting the LDS corridor more than any reticent LDS apostle.

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