I missed my chance for fame!

From last year to today . . . The Rexburg SnowFEST!

I could have been out there on this beautiful day, performing huge canon balls in the ice water with all the BYU-Idaho students.  Think of the publicity!  Think of the caption:  “The Baptist Bomber.”  (Oh yeah, that crazy guy who authors HI4LDS!)

More importantly, think of the fun.  At one time in my past, I had competed for how long I could stand on an ice flow in an Alaskan wilderness.  Now, I just compete with my kids over how many times we can fully immerse ourselves back and forth from the cold water (55 degrees) to the hot water (105 degrees) at Green Canyon Hot Springs, not too far from Rexburg.  But who needs Alaska or further yet, the North Pole, when you can join the Polar Bear Club right here in Southeastern Idaho?!

Today was a perfect day in Southeastern Idaho.  We are blessed.  Earlier in the week, schools shut down because of the frigid temperatures.

Go Polar Bear Club!

Next year, I will be there in my swimming trunks and rubbing on some suntan lotion.

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