Is it over for Mitt?

I can agree with Dave’s first line in his post.  The ongoing politics is just so compelling to talk about.

Many LDS blogs think that it is over for Mitt Romney.

But is it?

I confess.  I have been thinking some of the same thoughts that fellow Baptist pastor, Larry, spelled out today.

Could McCain put away some of his bad feelings?  Could Romney?


  1. Huckabe is a religious bigot. He hates Mormons. He has stayed in the race to keep Romney from winning by slitting the republican vote. He lies about and badmouths Mormons – very Christian – right.

    What a hypocrite.

  2. Todd, I don’t think McCain would seriously consider Romney for the position although I do think that Romney would go for it if offered. It makes very good sense for him to get that spot.

    I think it’s far more likely that we’ll see a McCain/Huckabee ticket. That makes far more sense. With Huckabee on the ticket, McCain can get the vote of conservatives, not based on Huckabee’s record, which is far more tax-and-spend than conservatives generally tolerate, but because of his religion.

    Huckabee makes more sense for McCain because Huckabee is a former baptist preacher. Huckabee knows this is his appeal to Republican voters as evidenced by how he has framed himself as “the Christian candidate” at a time when every candidate running was a Christian, and his other religious rhetoric that seeks to externalize religion as a political platform. McCain will surely have realized this as well.

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