No such thing as Mormon Fundamentalism (?)

I don’t believe Tim’s line for even a minute.  🙂

I didn’t believe Gordon Hinckley’s marketing ploy in Tim’s post.

I think there are streams of Mormon Fundamentalism  and Mainline Mormon Fundamentalism, whereas I would distinguish the two.

Mainline Mormon Fundamentalism is here in Southeastern Idaho.  Bountifully.  You just don’t see it expressed with vigor in bloggernacle. 

When Mainline Mormon Fundamentalists and Mainline Mormon Liberals gather together for Ward meetings, no wonder Mormon Bishops do not get heavily into theological doctrine on a given Sunday.  🙂

I don’t think it is the propositional truths of the Lord Jesus Christ in scripture that really unite LDS in this country.

Am I way off base?


  1. mmiles, let me ask you this?

    Do you think that some LDS are more persistent about LDS doctrinal fundamentals (like the deity and resurrection of Jesus, etc. and etc.) compared to other LDS?

    I tend to see this right in the geographical boundaries of my own ward. I see lots of clashes in communities not publicly addressed in chapels.

    Would not the insistence of basic LDS fundamental beliefs put one dangerous close to the label of fundamentalist in the eyes of a post-Mormon, ex-Mormon, or unchurched unbeliever?

  2. The problem now lies on the shoulders of the people. I think that for the 2nd time in history, the Church is facing some real challenges, from within and from the outside world. Personally, it would have been better if the Church grew slowly without media attention and didn’t care much about its image in the world and the media. Now, a pandora’s box has been opened and with all these members blogging and saying things, I personally, don’t believe we’re going to get more converts but rather create an environment that can subject us to more ridicule, misunderstanding and destroy years of image-building. The number of anti-mormons will grow in direct proportion to the number of people defending the Church.
    Public statements need to be more scrutinized and not just handed over to uninspired attorneys to draft. I think we are experiencing the seeds of a major shift in Mormonism in America. Something is going on but I can’t quite put my thumb on it. I’m afraid that soon we will be experiencing divisions among the people, both inside and out.
    As a member, I’m just watching with anxiety what develops next but I am almost sure that significant changes are about to happen.

  3. mmiles, in your estimation, how many lay S.E. Idaho LDS would be comfortable with Mr. Smith or Mr. Fosdick’s view of scriptures in this post:

    Would you consider accurate, inspired historicity of your scriptures an important fundamental to being Mormon?

    I think some would.


    There are many, many, many ideas that swirl around the term, “fundamentalist”, in America.

    In some sectors of biblical academia in America, if you were to be insistent in belief about a literal, pre-millennial second coming of Jesus Christ, they would think you to be a wacko fundamentalist.


    But I think the one thing that ties all Mormons together, despite what they believe as propositional truth in regards to Jesus Christ or scriptures, is an LDS baptism.

    Am I still way off base?

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