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Did you see this NYT article? (HT:  By Common Consent)

I am telling you guys, a real LDS general authority or better yet, an LDS apostle, needs to start blogging.

Where are the bold prophets and apostles for times like these in America?

Can you imagine if the prophet Isaiah or apostle Paul lived in 2008?  Would they be crying out, “Someone hand me the keyboard!  I want to share some truth unapologetically on the matter!”

Thinking of heart issues . . .


  1. Yet these are issues the Mormon church can’t get away from, b/c they’re based in FACTS about what actually happened. They can say all they want that they don’t currently practice polygamy (though some sects of LDS still do, obviously), but they can’t get away from the fact that this used to be commonplace. Look only to Smith or Young for your evidence.

    It’s amazing how much time Mormons will spend to say this didn’t happen, when they could just say they know it did and that it was wrong. But, to do that, means that what Smith and Young wrote about polygamy, based upon their “revelations” from God… now you see why it’s difficult.

  2. Brad, I don’t deny it happened. But I don’t see why the modern LDS Church has to apologize for it. We don’t have anything more to apologize for than any other group in America as I see it.

  3. Seth, I am amazed by the coverage given to this Texas thing!


    People Magazine (April 28, 2008 ) Front Cover: “Inside the Cult”

    The last place where I could only see the hands and faces of women in their modest dress was when my wife and I were in the conservative east section of Muslim Turkey.

    ___ top story (April 28, 2008): “Trouble in the Hills”



  4. Oh, I don’t think the media gives two straws about the abuse going on there – you can find that in any American city. No, what the MSM is shocked about is that these women wear “prairie dresses”, have no TVs and have weird hairstyles. They also find it highly offensive that people would have the gall to marry teenagers before impregnating them.

    The nerve!

  5. Todd, the General Authorities speak twice a year directly to the world via General Conference in which they bear witness of Jesus Christ and his Gospel. Mr. Egan, while vituperative, is likely completely irrelevant to them.

  6. My point wasn’t that the current LDS church needs to apologize for anything, just that there are some (not all) in the LDS church who like to hold to the fact that polygamy is a myth perpetrated by the “anti’s”, that it really didn’t happen. That’s what I find shocking, that some will spend as much time as they do trying to say it didn’t happen (when it clearly did), rather than saying it did, but shouldn’t have.

    But again, that goes to my other point. If it did happen (and it did), then it’s also hard to look past the writings and teachings of Smith and Young, who purportedly received their “revelations” from God, and wonder what went wrong?

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