Friday Night HI4LDS Tangent Alert!

I would like to hear from one of the wordpress community atheists.

He has dedicated a whole post to someone I like, creationist Ken Ham of AIG.

But the last paragraph in his comment #5 rises to the top for me as the most eye-catching:

I suppose I should also add that I am an ex-Christian. My younger years in the Catholic church, then Fundamental Baptist for about 8 years or so (KJV all the way! lol). Read the Bible cover to cover many times. So, for those who may think I’m speaking out of ignorance, I did “give it a shot.”

In this thread, is there a way that I could hear from the young atheist a synopsis of this 8 year story as a Fundamental Baptist?

I am one of those Fundamental Baptist preachers who uses the KJV.

Is godkillzyou game for this?


And his email address: godkillzyou . . . hmmm, this sounds like what God did to me in Romans 6.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.  The old Todd Wood buried.  And that is only the beginning of my story.


  1. Please, come on over “proud atheist” and tell me your story.

    And for all readers, isn’t this ironic for the celebration? This post is number 500 for this blog, Heart Issues for LDS.

    You see.

    I do broaden my horizons in the discussion. 😉

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