Newest Non-Fiction on FLDS

The Barnes & Noble bookstore in Idaho Falls features two new books.

1) Stolen Innocence (2008 ) by Elissa Wall

There are (at least) some similarities between LDS and FLDS:

Priesthood in the FLDS is a hard concept for outsiders to understand.  First, to “hold the priesthood” is to hold the power and authority of God, delegated to men (17).

We follow the prophet.  – FLDS Parable (22)

To be an apostate was even worse than being a gentile.  Gentile was the term given to all non FLDS people, no matter their religion, but an apostate was someone who had lost faith or had left the church, turning their back on the priesthood.  Apostates were viewed as one of the worst kinds of evil (82).

For time and all eternity.  – FLDS wedding vow (90)

I am just overwhelmed and grieved by Elissa’s story.

2.  When Men Become Gods (2008 ) by Stephen Singular

I wish this was all just fiction in America, rather than non-fiction.  Stephen picks up Elissa’s story and the events of others.


Here is a recent, interesting post on LDS and FLDS differences as explained by an LDS lifer. 

LDS fundamentalism seems drastically different to the fundamentals of Christianity in so many categories of belief.


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