Making a man into a God . . .

Charles Spurgeon, preaching on John 9:38:

Then, further, he acted as a believer:  for “he worshipped him.”  This proves how his faith had grown.  I should like to ask you who are the people of God when you are happiest. . . . My happiest moments are when I am worshipping God, really adoring the Lord Jesus Christ. . . . It is the nearest approach to what it will be in heaven, where, day without night, they offer perpetual adoration unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.  Hence, what a memorable moment it was for this man when he worshipped Christ!  Now, if Christ was not God, that man was all idolater, a man-worshipper. . . . If Christ was not God, we are not Christians; we are deceived dupes, we are idolaters, as bad as the heathen whom we now pity.  It is making a man into a God if Christ be not God.  But, blessed be his holy name, he is God; and we feel that it is the supreme delight of our being to worship him.  We cannot veil our face with our wings, for we have none; but we do veil them with his own robe of righteousness whenever we approach him.  We cannot cover our feet with our wings, as the angels do; but we do take his blood and his righteousness both as a covering for our feet, and as wings with which we fly up to him; and though as yet we have no crowns to cast at his dear feet, yet, if we have any honor, any good repute, any grace, anything that is comely, anything that is honest, we lay it all at his feet, and cry, “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.” (Italics in original)


– taken from The MacArthur New Testament Commentary John 1-11 (2006)


  1. George R. Beasley-Murray writes in the Word Biblical Commentary (p. 160):

    It would seem that in John 9:38 the healed man is ascribing honor to the Redeemer from God, which is beyond that due to other men but short of that due to God Almighty. We have not yet reached the stage of revelation represented in 2:28. So Schnackenburg: “The man’s action is not the expression of formal adoration of Jesus, but of the honor due to the God-sent bringer of salvation which itself gives honor and adoration to God. It shows the man’s advance from His Jewish faith (vv 31-33) to Christian faith” (2:254).

    I do not accept George’s proposal.

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