Bloggernacle has begun a sizzling summer

1.  Jared gave a summary of the 30th anniversary priesthood commemoration.

2.  Considering David’s post, how beneficial is it for evangelicals to dialogue with BYU religion professors to obtain authoritative answers? (smiling)

3.  TT questions the LDS Newsroom with his post, Experience or Doctrine.

4.  Allen’s skirmish with young Aaron – it centers around the weekend commemoration at the Tabernacle.

5.  Steven promotes a Mormon Darwinism, which introduces our local church’s 6th article of faith as a stark, contrasted belief.  Let me post it next.

6.  And Aquinas is hungering for ecumenical healing, noting his joy over the Greg & Bob Conversation.


  1. Brother Aaron, I saw a wild snap of you just last night in another blog. Hmmm . . . . is this good?

    I do understand that good motives can easily be angled and immediately broadcasted to the world as evil.

    Your life is under scrutiny. So is mine. Typed words, verbal conversations, and actions.

    Walk circumspectly, friend.

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