1. So which of all those churches listed teaches the true doctrine of Christ? They cannot all be true as they each teach different interpretations of the same scripture.

  2. While these would differ among themselves on certain points, Bob, they would agree with each other far more than they would disagree. Although the location is different, here you pretty much have the religious tapestry of my youth as I moved back and forth, fairly seamlessly, between the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the Church of the Nazarene, a charismatic iteration of Methodism, and the Assemblies of God, with occasional forays into the world of Baptists.

    So-called mainline Protestant denominations aside, if were to throw in examples of confessional Protestantism, such as the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, continuing Anglicans, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and/or the PCA – not to mention Orthodoxy and/or Roman Catholicism, then the picture would become more complex and, especially in the latter two cases, your question would have some merit.

  3. Bob, what would be some of the “different interpretations of the same scripture” that you are concerned about?

  4. Should I tell you guys about the Idaho press:


    Here is the latest Idaho buzz – this book . . .

    Is Christianity GOOD for the World?: A Debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson

    “Your Christianity, in case you have not noticed, has actually made you a less compassionate and thoughtful person.” – Hitchens

    “You gonna do something or just stand there and bleed?” – Wilson, quoting Tombstone

    Release Date for this book: September 2, 2008

  5. Other than it being one of the Churches in Idaho Falls, Todd, I’m not sure how I would know, other than I would presume it was Independent Baptist, or possibly SBC. Other than that, I really don’t know.

    But I’m interested in the answer.

  6. [i]In one of the above churches, I spent my first year of married life with my sweetheart. Fresh out of undergrad, I taught the college and career singles in this church family.[/i]

    I thought you were at Grace Baptist in Elko before IF, but I don’t see it on the list.

  7. Tate, you have a memory like a steel trap. I wish I had the same. I learn details and then I forget them all the very next day.

    Having been reared in Idaho Falls, I went to Gethsemane Baptist Church. I met Kristie at Skyline High School, left her in Idaho at BSU, while I went to the infamous BJU. In 1992, I finished the undergrad degree in Christian Missions and married that sweet girl. We spent a year in Boise while she finished her nursing degree.

    In Boise, 1992-93, I taught at Broadway Avenue Baptist Church (the Baptist church growth mecca of Idaho). Check it out.

    Then Kristie and I travelled back to S.C. for seminary. After seminary, I took a 1 year assistant position in Elko before coming back home to see this new church started.

    I love Idaho. And I am eager to see how God is going to unfold His glory in the days ahead.

    Greg, sometime back, you tagged me. I need to get organized and tell you more fun trivia.

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