2nd Commercial in our Amazon Expedition AiG VBS – Prayer

Think about prayer.

Sunlize, new in the LDS fold, is thinking about this.

Mark is thinking about this.

So is Ben.

Buy the book that Ben is advertising, The Valley of Vision.  Many of my LDS friends detest Puritan theology.  But perhaps this book will give you another window into their worship that is so often overlooked today.  Go to the source of all these prayers that you see laid out in the AiG VBS curriculum.

I have been thinking about prayer and fasting.  Last night, my inductive study in Isaiah 58 has placed me in a whirlwind spin.  You must read the chapter.  True religion centers right in on the pleasures and presence of the one LORD of all – YHWH.  Nothing else matters.  Delighting in Him is everything.

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