How can I explain my love for Scripture? Part 8

Have you watched the LDS flick, Passage to Zarahemla, directed by Chris Heimerdinger?

I did have to chuckle over all the one liners that “Sakerra” gives in describing the Mormons to her little brother.

But let me cut to the chase.  Katherine Nelson Thompson sings the song “Whispered Vision” that Heimerdinger wrote.

You may listen to the song on the MP3 player functioning at the Heimerdinger Music website.

One phrase (maybe not in its exactness) stands out to me:

 . . . the ink is the word and the word is the thought and the thought is the light of the God of my soul . . .

I could copy that very phrase for my Christian context.  The Bible is that powerful in revealing God to my heart.

Thinking of heart issues . . .


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