My encounter with Dr. Millet’s latest book

I actually agree with a statement that Dr. Millet made in his latest book, Holding Fast (Deseret, 2008).

In the chapter entitled, “The Decision,” Dr. Millet expresses his distaste (what Mormon hasn’t in literature) for the God of Jonathan Edwards, works his way through Charles Finney and Billy Graham, and then in the end instructs all his LDS readers,

Focus on fundamentals.

Hmmm.  I can actually respect that statement.  But what are the LDS fundamentals, deeply thought out and articulated for 2008, by the LDS living prophet and apostles and other general authorities in America’s postmodern frontier?

One comment

  1. And isn’t this one of most important fundamentals of all if you pick up a typical Bible anywhere and actually trust the words and believe them?

    Yahweh is worthy of all worship by every being on the earth and in the heavens.

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