Billboard #1

Can you imagine reading this verse every time you came to work?  What kind of thoughts would this quote by Paul generate for you, seeing it day after day?  The billboard is located on the Yellowstone Highway, running parallel with highway 20, and facing south.  You would spot it about a mile north of the County Line Road exit (Jefferson and Bonneville) on the east side of the road between Idaho Falls and Rigby.

I took the picture this morning with my super-duper Walmart special – a ViviCam5385 digital camera.  I picked up the camera for around $70 a couple years ago.  So I need to put it to use.  Don’t you think?  Of course, if you want to look at real nice photography of S.E. Idaho, check with Chris Leavell.

The billboard was purchased by brother Walter a year ago.  The lease time is now expired.

We have ideas for a new phrase of a verse from John’s Gospel to go up next.  Stay tuned.

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