LDS American Idol Sings a Powerful Hymn

I listened to David singing “Be Still My Soul” through the Day of Praise blog.  Thanks.  So here is my question:  did Katharina, born 310 years ago, actually believe that the One who ruled the waves and winds while He dwelt below . . . did she actually believe that the Lord she wrote of in this hymn is the Most High (Elyon) mentioned in Psalm 46?

Do LDS believe this today when they passionately sing this hymn?


  1. As brothers and sisters, I believe we are all of ONE Heart, ONE Spirit, and ONE Soul. So even though this amazingly beautiful hymn was written in the past, I believe the author was in tune with the Almighty we sing of and to today and those of the future will continue
    the Song.
    And it will be sung throughout Eternity! (by everyOne!!!)

    God Bless!

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