I met some people at the Twin Falls temple, today

Would you like to know the first guy Laurance and I met at the Twin Falls, Idaho Temple?

today's sunny view

today's sunny view

Jerry Holt

Have you heard of this guy?  Nope, he wasn’t waving any holy underwear.  He wasn’t yelling or screaming.  But he did ask me If I wanted some information.  With my window already rolled down (my old ’92 Buick doesn’t have air conditioning), I took his little bundle:  1. The Bible vs The Book of Mormon DVD, 2. Jesus Christ vs Joseph Smith DVD, 3. “Are Mormon Temples Christian” pamphlet, 4. a newsletter sponsored by www.crcmin.org, www.concernedchristians.org, www.evidenceministries.org, www.exmormonsforjesus.org, www.exmormon.net, www.4mormon.org, www.hismin.com, www.irr.org, www.ldslearning.org, www.lhvm.org, www.midwestoutreach.org, www.mission2mormons.org, www.mrm.org, www.nauvoochristian.org, www.pfo.org, www.PleaseConvinceMe.com, www.TriGrace.org, www.utlm.org, www.watchman.org, and www.witforjesus.org, (whew, 20 organizations), and 5.an advertisement showing Bill McKeever speaking at the First Assembly of God in Twin Falls on August 7.

Hey, I have a BIG question.  The inside of my newsletter posts this article title, focusing on John 10:34, “Did Jesus really say that men could become gods?”  But I can’t find where the article ends.  Did this newsletter have an insert?  The last sentence says,

Because this is a reference to human judges–as clearly stated by a General Authority of the LDS Church–John 10:34 is not a good text to show that

Is that really the end?  I have been studying John 10.  This is a powerful chapter.

Secondly, let me make this comment about the newsletter. I found the front page article, “Hatred does not motivate Mormon missionaries,” an intriguing and worthy read.


I took notes while our guide read her script often throughout the tour.  But she did cry at the end, talking about her family sealed for eternity.

More later.

I need to go find my Boyd Packer booklet on temples.  A friend had given that to me to read.


  1. Our tour lady mentioned a verse that I had not heard in the Rexburg, Idaho temple tour:

    John 3:5

    Now, that verse brings up a lot of past blog memories.

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