What will the Intermountain West say about Sarah Palin?

Is she Mormon?  Dennis fills us in on the first and biggest question.

She sounds like a fundamentalist . . . allow God to be taught as Creator in the public schools . . . homosexuality is a sin . . . life begins at conception . . . etc.

A perfect, conservative Idahoan.

But what do the Mormon Feminist Housewives have to say?  Are they weeping for joy over this historical moment? (mfranti? CrazyWomenCreek?)


  1. Ooo… your snark. How brave you are.

    Two words. Geraldine Ferraro.

    And when was that? Oh, 1984!

  2. bb, when it comes to FMH, I am not too brave at all.

    But I do believe 2008 for ladies will be quite historical.


    She, not me, will be the brave one in today’s media.

  3. ‘Apples and oranges’ when I think of Geraldine.

    Who would have ever thought a conservative Christian momma (who loves small-town America, family, hunting, and snow) could be lifted into the limelight as a Vice Presidential candidate for the United States?

    Ironic, isn’t it?

    For the first time in this 2008 Presidential election, I am interested in politics.

    Really interested.

  4. Hey, one more comment for the show.

    I married a western, Idahoan girl. I know what they are capable of during special, difficult times.

    They completely eschew big-time politics.

    It’s refreshing.

  5. Nevermind that Joe Biden managed to work fulltime for the Senate while raising two young boys on his own after his wife and daughter were killed in a horrific accident.

  6. Tate, do you like Biden’s personality?

    Does he seem arrogant like McCain or is this just my perception?

    Biden and McCain could probably care less about little ol’ me and my concerns in the big metropolis of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

    But Palin? Hmmm . . . . I think she just might listen to a nobody in S.E. Idaho. And she has a track record for what I deeply care about.

    (And for crying out loud, she beat my marathon time.)

  7. Blue Collar woman running the country. Yes, I can take that. I think it would be far better than the current frat boys in office.

    Rethugs still need some time in the wilderness, but I’m feeling better about the upcoming election.

    Highly likely she would end up running the country too.

  8. bb, I am surprised – you give her “Blue Collar woman” status, I was expecting the title of neanderthal cave woman” who smacks her lips over moose burger. We are talking Alaskan wilderness not the Texan flatlands or Wyoming sagebrush.

    Yet I apologize. Currently this week at the S.E. Idaho fair, the locals are limited to only selling you emu burger (hunting season is barely beginning). But I am sure the emu burger would be therapeutic. Better yet – if you are experiencing any political anxiety over the upcoming elections, try emu oil. ‘Historically’, they say it does wonders for the burning aches.

    Isn’t the Intermountain West just a complete embarrassment to the country? (Sigh) If they could only wake up to true sophistication.

    I mean, shouldn’t someone like Cheney in his last dying political days, seek to smooze it up with the rich and famous in Sun Valley or Jackson Hole, rather than wasting his life in quiet solitude on the Snake River.

    What a thug! Just ask the Idaho cutthroat.

  9. I am pleased to see the people of Idaho enjoy a good burger. would there be fries with that?
    I for one enjoy em,
    But maybe I am a little prejudiced as I raise them and have for almost 20 years. good eatin. The oil works to.

  10. I would have voted for Biden as president, given the opportunity (and provided Edwards was not an option). I was extremely ecstatic to see that Obama chose him as #2. I have been very uncertain about Obama up until this point, but Biden balanaces out all of my worry.

    He is a career lawyer and politician. Not exactly a teddy bear, for sure. But he possesses the intelligence and expertise this country is in desperate need of. That coupled with what Obama and the democratic party as a whole has to offer, leaves me feeling much more confident about the next four years.

    I am now going back to my cavern, where flaming liberal Idahoans hide out. Some day I might move to a state where my vote is actually counted…

  11. Tonight, we had family around the table. My father-in-law would be cheering you on, Tate. You would feel right at home.

    But stay in Idaho. Don’t move to Oregon. In Portland, they would probably like to see conservatives go up in flames.

  12. Aside from a short stint as a young boy in South Dakota, and my LDS mission in Japan, my entire life has been spent in the Intermountain West. I was raised in Southern Utah, spent high school and undergrad in Utah Valley, and went to law school in Laramie, Wyoming (lovely little town – if you are looking for the right things). I’ve never been east of the Mississippi in my entire life and have traveled all over the Rocky Mountains.

    It’s home. And I understand the people here. I may not agree with them. But I do “get” them. And, for better or for worse, they are family to me.

  13. Todd, why do you act like an Evangelical Christian woman is a minority such that it is amazing she would be selected as a vice presidential nominee?

    Don’t Evangelicals otherwise claim to be the majority in this country such that their preferences should be legislated by duly elected congresses?

  14. Historic evangelicalism is in the majority in this country? I don’t even know that traditional conservativism and its values are a majority, though many Republicans would boastfully push this thought.

    I have been cynical of McCain. When has he ever been concerned about Assembly of God Christian ladies in his political track record?

    Politics – they never cease to amaze me. I am becoming more of a political skeptic every year with the American governmental system.

    I could be wrong; but I think this gal, Sarah, is not just using Jesus for her political ends. Hope ever springs in the heart.

    Whatever the final outcome is for 2008 (Obama or McCain), I will trust the Lord. May the Lord do what it takes to wake American evangelicals to an earnest, passionate focus upon God.

  15. Todd, if you believe that Evangelical Christians are a minority then you should be in favor of, rather than opposition to, the role of the courts play in our constitutional system of protecting minority rights against the overreaching of the majority in trying to impose the majority’s will upon various and sundry minorities.

    However, what I hear mostly from Evangelicals is not reverence for the countermajoritarian function of the courts but rather condemnation of “legislation from the bench” when courts find legislation to be unconstitutional because of infringements of the Bill of Rights. I hear Evangelicals saying that such issues should be decided by democratically elected legislatures rather than non-elected federal judges. This argument rests on the premise that the will of the majority should be honored, regardless of its effects on the rights of minorities. This, in turn, presupposes that Evangelicals believe themselves to be the majority in this country, as they want their will imposed on others through legislative enactments.

  16. We run the gamut on the Front Range: In the Springs, people seem to be too busy falling in love with her to ask many questions, and in Boulder, they’ve moved beyond asking questions about her to denial, acceptance, and anger. Now, they question each other: Is she equal to or worse than Cheney? Exactly how many rights would she try to take away from women? Why does she ask all of her aides to conduct government business through personal e-mail address if she’s a champion of transparency? And somewhere between Colorado’s neoconservatives and liberals are independents without ideology who merely want to know: Is she competent to lead?

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