Great is Jehovah!

 First, I get this email from Scott W.:

Great is Jehovah, the Lord

For heaven and earth testify to His great power

‘Tis heard in the fierce raging storm

In the torrent’s loud thundering roar

Great is Jehovah, the Lord

Mighty is His power

‘Tis heard in the rustling of the leaves in the forest

Seen in the waving of golden fields

In loveliest flowers’ gaudy array

‘Tis seen in myriad stars of heaven

Fierce it sounds in the thunder’s loud roll

And flames in the lightning’s brightly quivering flash

Yet clearer thy throbbing heart to thee

Proclaims Jehovah’s power, the Lord God almighty

Look thou praying to heaven

And hope for grace and for mercy.


And then I read this post, today, by Sweet Is the Peace on “How Firm a Foundation”.  What glory.  What other foundation does one need?  What more can He say than to you He hath said already in His excellent Word?   

Sing it with full trust throughout the corridor.

It is a beautiful Monday.


  1. Thank you for the link. I am sort of the opposite of you. I am a devout Mormon who largely grew up deep in Baptist country. I have many Baptist friends whom I love and respect, and I rejoice whenever anybody teaches sincere Christian service and love for his fellow man. If that is what you preach (and it appears that you do), then God be with you in sharing that message.

  2. What a very nice post. I am glad to have discovered your site. This song is one of my most favorite hymns to sing. It is positive and powerful and calls down a pure spirit of joy!

    There is true peace when we reach out in love to each other, and focus upon our commonalities. This effects a “knitting of our hearts together”; as brothers and sisters and children of God. Thank you for living your religion, striving to daily follow our Master & Savior, and for your sincere desire to share a respectful and open dialog with your Latter-day Saint neighbors.

  3. In Middle School, we referred to as Dewey Junior High school in Brooklyn, N.Y. We, the Glee Club had a very special man, he was a very large black man with a giant chest and he was brought in to our school specifically to train us for our presentation at Brooklyn College. This is the song we sang and it took months of training to get ready, there were about 90 of us or so. The Base were on one side, the Altos next to them and my section, the Sopranos. We came up on a rising stage from underground in our black robes singing this song for the public. One of which was a Rabbi who came up in the aisle and bowed to us on his knees in praise as we got a standing ovation. It is one memory I will never forget and took me all these years to find the words. Thank you.

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