The Full Spud Zone on the VP Debate

First Impressions

Biden – A Fundamentalist Wannabe: he kept using that word, “fundamentally”.  Hmm . . . what fundamentally are the problems Americans face?  And what fundamentally are the truths to help us?

Palin – A Fun Winker:  Was she winking at me?  And how many times does she need to wink before I understand what the wink is about?

Heart Questions

My Question for Biden – What is the best way to regulate greed among prosperous Americans?

My Question for Palin – Should homosexuality be considered a civil rights issue?

One comment

  1. It kinda felt like to me that they were both phoning it in.

    I would like to see a debate featuring all four (Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin) together at one sitting.

    I grew up with it, but now, I find that Pacific Northwest brogue incredibly grating (at least in conjunction with the timbre of Palin’s voice).

    I think that all-in-all, it was pretty much a draw and won’t affect the campaign one way or the other. No “I knew Jack Kennedy, I worked with Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine, and you, Senator, are no Jack Kennedy” moment.

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