The latest “civil” LDS & Evangelical Dialogue & my questions

Clean Cut excitingly exhorts everyone to read How Wide the Divide?  Dave notes it.

Aquinas introduces the National Student Dialogue Conference II.  Ben reintroduces it.

And read the token explanation of evangelical blunder in the dialogue process by Jettboy.

Three questions:

1.  Does McDermott fall outside the rules and parameters for what certain LDS and evangelicals are requiring for dialogue?

2.  What about Andrew Jackson?  Could his latest book be sold at this dialogue conference?

3.  Will there be anyone live blogging this?  I can’t make it this weekend.


  1. Aaron, I just finished reading the whole report. And was just about ready to say thanks for all your typing when you put the “live” on “standby.”

    You have got a neat feature going on over there at Mormon Coffee.

    Thanks again for the full-blown live coverage. I will be reading your reports, tomorrow.

    Hey, if Sarah is an evangelical student at BYU in Provo, may I take a class or two at BYU in Rexburg?

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