Sarah Palin – she is a liar & a witch in her fancy wardrobe

This is the Gospel according to Mudflats, a WordPress political rockstar dramatist.  Read her personal literary revelation.

And now imagine with me who Mudflats worships as Aslan – the one who voluntarily lays down his life in a brutal death to break the magic spell, and the one who brings hope to all.

Mudflats, who will it be?  To save us from the lustful wicked witch from the West?  All C.S. Lewis fans will lay awake tonight in tearful, fearful suspense.  We are moaning and groaning from the poisoned Turkish delight.


Oh please tell us.  Where is the true light?

(Btw, how stunning for Mudflats to showcase C.S. Lewis – why even force people to think of God, Christianity, and country?  Would she be more comfortable with the lady journalist in Harry PotterRita Skeeter . . . remember her?  She specialized in mud.  No wait a minute.  Lest I be so hasty with my words.  Perhaps it would be better to encourage each reader to send Mudflats as a Christmas present, a token book, a personal favorite by C.S. Lewis.)

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