1. USA Today (November 5, 2008)

    “Campaign donations have come in from across the country, with evangelical Christians and Mormons donating to support a constitutional amendment and gay-rights activists and such Hollywood heavies as Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Pitt donating to oppose it.”

    A blow to Hollywood and a win for some of the representation among evangelicals and Mormons.

  2. You know, it’s interesting. Many of the African-Americans in California who turned out to vote for Obama also helped to pass Proposition 8…

  3. 70% of African-American in CA voted for Prop 8 and 98% voted for Barack Obama. 10% of the vote in CA was the black population. Since the measure only one by 4%, it is safe to say that it wouldn’t have passed it it weren’t for the black vote. It is also safe to say that the black vote wouldn’t have been so big if Barack Obama wasn’t running. So, ironically, Prop 8 passed because of Barack Obama supporters when he himself went on record opposing it!

  4. How sad it is to see the backlash coming against those that supported the various propositions throughout the country that passed to uphold the definition of marriage between a man and woman.

    It looks like the LDS church is taking the brunt of it — there’s a planned march in front of the Church HQ in Salt Lake tonight.

    And all of this is coming from the same people that scream and demand tolerance for their views and lifestyle. Goes to show that they believe tolerance is a one way street that goes their way only.

  5. Wow, Rob.

    I wish I was there tonight. I would love to be a “street preacher” in a good way, kindly sharing the gospel and bringing food to the upset demonstrators.

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