Sounding out the Word (6)

We are studying John 13.  Every time I open the scriptures to this passage, I am overwhelmed by the Lord of all who completely emptied himself for us.  What a buffoon I am whenever I pridefully assert my right, my will, and my way.

I practiced a footwashing on my little girl, yesterday.  In a blur of activity, my daughter (I think) grasped some meaning.

Fundamental Christianity

Fundamental Christianity

In John 13, Christ is not speaking of the kingdom of the Republicans or the kingdom of the Democrats.  He is not talking about the political kingdom of the conservative talk radio hosts or the kingdom of gay and lesbian demonstrators.  He is announcing a kingdom that is altogether different – a new, radical revolution where the leader is the servant in humiliation (Matthew 20:26).


Self says, “No.”  Christ commands, “Die to self.”  Self whispers, “Throw in the towel.”  Christ reiterates, “Pick up the towel.”  Who are we, the slaves (duolos) and the sent ones (apostolos), to ignore the path of the Lord (kyrios)?  He is the Teacher for all to hear and believe.  He is the Lord for all to bow before and worship.  Look what he did (Philippians 2:1-8).  And we are happy if we follow him.

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  1. And WHY does he “empy himself”? He does, as he says, “only what I see my Father doing.” The Father, from all eternity, for all eternity, empties HIMSELF in generating the Son and breathing forth the Holy Spirit.

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