1. What do you think of Reverend Wright’s Jeremiads? Did you think of them as Jeremiads and, if not, how does looking at them in that manner change the intent of them?

  2. I reject his Jeremiads because he innovates with his own words rather than renovate with the prophet’s words. Does Wright even care about most of the major themes by the ancient prophet?

    I noticed that Greg looked at the A.W. Tozer quote in the latest thread.

    A.W. Tozer spoke with a true, courageous, prophetic (forthright) voice for our day. He was not afraid to sound out the words of the biblical prophets in the magnifying of God Almighty to the community and culture.

  3. My guess is that Jeremiah’s words, to the ears of the inhabitants of Jerusalem at his time, were more offensive than Reverend Wright’s Jeremiad against the evils of white racism in the United States were to most Americans’ ears.

    Why should Reverend Wright have simply regurgitated Jeremiah’s words in his Jeremiad? That was an odd statement.

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