Ten Things I am Thankful for in Southeast Idaho

  1. Missionary church planters, pastors, and churches
  2. Christian schoolteachers
  3. Doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, farmers, builders, firemen, police and security, mechanics, communications, mailmen, garbage men, grocers, bankers, gas attendants, computer technicians, Walmart clerks, etc. – I greatly benefit by them all and many, many others.
  4. Four Seasons (we are not completely robbed of spring)
  5. Diversity of Geography (lava craters; sand dunes; mountains of 12,000 feet; caves; hot springs; waterfalls; lakes)
  6. Huckleberries
  7. Sunrises and sunsets over wide open ranges
  8. Music and theatre and dance
  9. Starry nights
  10. Excellent museums

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