Twelve Thoughts about Bloggernacle

Twelve Things that I am thankful for (or at least sharpen me) in “Bloggernacle”, an internet LDS subculture


Hmmm . . . . let’s see . . .


1. Jacob and Geoff allowing some of my first comments in bloggernacle


2. Dave’s daring us not to believe everything about the New Deal


3. Aquinas’ annoying questions


4. Blake’s bluntness


5. Geoff B.’s politics


6. Adam Greenwood‘s robust conservatism


7. Barney’s biblical exegesis minus the interpretation (Brian, add all the gang on the Feasting on the Wordblog.)


8. Seth’s continual curiosity as he counters evangelical perspectives


9. Jettboy, the fighting LDS fundamentalist (John F. is a close second.)


10. TT’s tact with me, the Christian fundamentalist


11. Yellow Dart, who may be the next Hugh Nibley years down the road


12. Steve, who likes to stir the pot just for kicks


As one conservative evangelical who lives within the I-15 corridor, and as an outsider commenting in bloggernacle, I have prayed and continue to pray for all of you at various times.


What if God turned one of you into a staunch, historical Christian like me?  God forbid?  Well, He is in the business of doing miracles.


  1. Flattery will get you everywhere Todd.

    You always try to keep your posts simple and accessible to the everyday worshiper. So it’s sometimes easy to forget how widely you read on the religious blogging community.

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