Backlash on Prop 8 recorded in World magazine

“If democracy doesn’t fall your way, try anarchy.  That seems to be the message among some gay marriage supporters around the country after voters in three states – California, Florida, and Arizona – affirmed traditional marriage on Election Day.  Vandals spray-painted Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, which served as an official collection point for petitions to get Proposition 8 on the California ballot.  In Palm Springs, an angry crowd gathered outside city hall to protest Prop 8’s passage, and when an elderly Prop 8 supporter walked in front of the crowd carrying a large styrofoam cross, dozens of men surrounded her shouting, “No! No!”  One man knocked the cross from the woman’s hand and stomped on it.  On Nov. 8, a group calling itself Bash Back stormed a Sunday service at Mt. Hope, a 4,000 mega-church near Lansing, Mich.  Demonstrators marched outside the church then poured into the sanctuary, shouting gay slogans, throwing leaflets, and pulling a fire alarm.

“The Mormon church donated $20 million to help pass Prop 8, and an estimated 10,000 people in New York City marched outside the Mormon Temple Nov. 12.  Similar demonstrations occurred at Mormon properties in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. . . .

World (November 29/December 6, 2008)

One comment

  1. Field of Dreams moment. “If you speak the word (anarchy), he will come.” So, now you got me here, now what?

    Actually, the description sounds to me more like chaos and intimidation tactics, not anarchy. I do agree, though, that anarchy is much better than a democratic State. So I wholeheartedly endorse the notion to “try anarchy.”

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