A warm cup of coffee

For this month, Today’s Pentecostal Evangel magazine (World Missions edition, dec-07-08) has the theme, “The Missionary”.

They also gave a sneak peak for next week’s theme: 

Sometimes a warm cup of coffee is a church’s best outreach tool.

(Chuckling)  It really depends . . .

One comment

  1. You, reading the “Pentecostal Evangel”???

    You’re blowing away my stereotypes of you as a “Fundamentalist Baptist”.

    Good on ya.

    Perhaps you will soon also be reading “Again” magazine.

    Regarding (food and) and drink as “evangelism tools,” of course it doesn’t have to be coffee or even hot. (My bishop has a wonderful story about this, in the context of a soup kitchen/food bank ministry.)

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