A Request for my LDS and PostLDS friends

I am in debt to you.

But though I am a debtor, I am asking something of you to do for me.

You are the readers, in comparison to others who don’t enjoy reading as much. 

Here is a book that I fervently desire for you to read in 2009.

The Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith (Dutton, 2008 ) by Timothy Keller

133 pages.

Would you promise me to take a stab at reading this small book?


  1. Reformed confessions, eh?

    Ok, you got a deal.

    Where is a link to get the best price on this book?

  2. Todd, instead of making a deal with someone who already is on your side in trying to show that Mormons are in error, why don’t you offer to read something suggested to you by one of your Mormon readers that is of the same or similar tenor as the book you are recommending for your Mormon readers?

  3. Not sure, but I’m sure someone like Seth or TYD will have an idea of a similar book that does the same kind of work only for the Restored Gospel as the book you suggested presumably does for Evangelicals.

  4. I don’t mind Todd making a one-way suggestion for reading.

    Be nice to have a jacket description or something on the blog post telling me about it, so I don’t have to do the work of looking up the description on Amazon… But I’m lazy that way.

    Right now I’m trying to get around to reading “Surprised By Hope” by N.T. Wright.

    Curious as to why you recommend the book though Todd.

    Is it good material for conversion to the true Gospel? Or is it simply controversial food for thought? Is it an apologetic work? What?

    I remember reading a Protestant minister’s book on how we fail to keep the sabbath day holy and was very, very impressed by it. So I am totally open to Protestant material. Although I don’t tend to approach the same way books that are seeking to pick a fight.

  5. Well Todd, you’re in luck. Since “The Prodigal God” is a relatively new book, the library is going to order it and let me know when it comes in. I grabbed “The Reason for God” in the meanwhile for something to browse through casually and see if it’s of interest.

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