What should I do with this teaching by the BYU prof?

 Back to Marsh’s Christmas book of 2008, what should I make of these quotes on the Restoration, the Joseph Smith Translation, and Martin Luther.

Without the Restoration, the true meaning of Christ’s birth would still be a mystery to the groping world” – Mark Peterson (p. 4)


One of the most rewarding scripture-study experiences is to read the Joseph Smith Translation.  The JST is the best Bible on the earth.  Wherever possible, I have used the inspired changes from the JST that were revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Those changes offer new light and new understanding to this age-old story” (18).


It is unfortunate that most of the Christian world does not have the records of the restoration, because the Joseph Smith Translation makes it clear that Adam and Eve were taught about the coming of Christ and of His sacrifice, and were forgiven for the Fall and for their transgression in the Garden of Eden (see Moses 6:53) (29).


Martin Luther’s translation of the Bible (which the Prophet Joseph Smith found “to be the most correct translation, and to correspond nearest to the revelations which God” had give to him) . . .  (106).

I didn’t realize Joseph Smith thought that way about Martin Luther’s Bible.


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