The young wacko in front of the Temple

Tonight, we are studying Jeremiah 7.  I wish you all could join in on the discussion.

Jeremiah is called by God to preach at the gate of the Temple.  The people have lots of spiritual heart issues.  For one, they love the Queen of Heaven.

Now, what if we had this scenario in 2009 down at Temple Square during Conference Time.  What if one young prophet at one gate was preaching hard against Heavenly Mother?  But what if another young prophet at the opposite gate was preaching hard for promoting Heavenly Mother’s voice to be heard?  Which prophet would you believe?  Or would you stick with the older prophet, the insider prophet within the gates?


  1. Your title implies that God’s religion at the time of Jeremiah had sunken into apostasy and Jeremiah was trying to set it straight at the very gates of God’s temple in Jerusalem.

    How could God have let that happen? Was he not in control of his own religion? How could God’s religion have become apostate such that Jeremiah needed to correct its course and bring it back to true principles?

  2. John, God is dazzling me with his sovereign glory and control in this book. He rules the nations. All of them.

    And out of sheer grace, He always maintains a remnant.
    But God told Jeremiah in chapter 7 that these people won’t ever come back. They are a generation of wrath. Don’t even pray for them.

    (And by the way, the temple itself is not essential for the remnant.)

  3. John, God want’s us to serve Him from a willing heart not by constraint. Yes, God is completely sovereign and in His sovereignty He chooses to give man a free-will to decide to follow Him or not. The fact that God sent Jeremiah (His prophet) is a testimony of His love extending mercy and grace to those who repent and join the faithful remnant that Todd mentioned.

    With prayer, Mark

  4. All depends as to what they are saying about my Mother in Heaven.

    One thing: I do not know how one can have too much love for another. Even if I know more than a person should can my love for another person, or being interfear with my faith? Can one be too charitable, or caring to turn from God?

  5. Todd,

    The point is not about the Jewish temple but rather about how God’s religion had gone apostate and needed a prophet (Jeremiah) to call them to repentance and to restore the true order of things.

    That is similar to what Latter-day Saints believe about Joseph Smith — that he was a prophet like Jeremiah called to restore the Gospel at a time when those who purported to believe it were actually in religious error. Those who heard Joseph Smith’s message liked it about as much as Jerusalem’s residents liked Jeremiah’s.

  6. Ditchu, have you been looking at the promotions for the rise of the Divine Mother in 2011? 2012? etc.? Do LDS get excited about this?

    John, Jeremiah was called to destroy. The temple being one of those things to be destroyed.

    What did Joseph Smith seek to destroy? And are the modern day prophet and apostles trumpeting this message?

  7. Todd you asked me:
    “Ditchu, have you been looking at the promotions for the rise of the Divine Mother in 2011? 2012? etc.? Do LDS get excited about this?”

    What are you talking about?
    I haven’t the slightest idea of any “Promotions” dealing with “the Divine Mother in 2011” or “2012.”

    Is this a joke that I do not get? Maybe you need to refer me to the pertanent information before sideswiping me this kind of questioning.


  8. john f.

    You are spot on with what Jeremiah was called to do, Todd is just reaching beyond the this and supposing that Jeremiah was called to destroy the temple. Maybe because it no longer stands in its pristene state.


  9. Ditchu, when was the last time that you read the book of Jeremiah?

    (P.S. – I don’t have the titles off the top of my head but you need go into Barnes and Noble for catching some of the latest pop book titles for Divine Mother.)

  10. Todd,
    Jeremiah, the Old Testiment book. A few years ago.
    Where does it indicate anything about the years 2011-2012 A.D.

    This would be odd as when it was first put down in word the Book of Jeremiah was before the current system of annual measurement.

    Also, Titles and publishers would be relevant to the source of your “the promotions for the rise of the Divine Mother in 2011, 2012” Theory that I have not yet read into.

    What is your theory on 2011-2012 anyway?


  11. Ok??

    How exactly are you relating the senario of a young man like Jeremiah in front of Temple Square to a group of crop farmers from the Roamn Teritories in the late BC earily AD that were called the insult by the Roman peopl of: Pagani?

    Are you suggesting that everyone who thinks there is a Devine Mother is a Feild Worshiper (one who worships to the gods of their crops in the feild)?
    That would be Paganism… But Utter Paganism would some how involve female bovine too… 🙂


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